Emotional Intelligence

We struggle in life and career, facing the same challenges over and over. We ask, why is it that I always end up in toxic relationships? What is it with “these” people at work? It does not fail, I always end up in these situations. Yes, the struggles and challenges are real, toxic people exist and much too often we encounter the same situations. However,  next time what could be different is YOU! How you perceive  a situation,  manage your response and take action is your responsibility, to get the result you want.

It’s about  Emotional  Intelligence! Your ability to understand and manage your own emotions and those of others. The ability to do so opens you up to a healthier and successful relationship  with self and others!  What a great place to be! Read up and begin your journey, I did! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing our thoughts, emotions and journey to success!


Karen Collins

“There are not enough words to describe the caliber of coach that Nilda is. In a time where everything in my life felt uncertain, trepidatious and scary, Nilda brought a sense of calm, confidence and empowerment to me. In the three months that we worked together, my whole entire life changed from the inside out (in a good way). Nilda created a beautiful space to help me address what was holding me back and, most importantly, help me develop a powerful inner compass of confidence and truth. The work that we did together is still thriving and strong in me everyday two years later. Nilda is empowering, intuitive, loving, confident, professional and caring. She gleans all of the best inside of the people she works with, brings it to the surface and holds in the light for it to shine in the world. I will forever be grateful for the gift that she is. She is seriously a miracle worker and coach that creates transformational results.”

Karen Collins
Personal Effectiveness and Life Coach
Seattle, WA

Ms. T

Working with my Coach Nilda, I was able to process worries that I had, and to see opportunities for my future that I was afraid to even consider. As it is right now, I have a 3 year calendar that indicates the time for my retirement, every month that passes I am getting closer to a huge decision that I was too afraid to take. I am completing projects that are needed in order to achieve my results. I feel free and proud of myself for the results that I am getting.

I find Nilda to be a compassionate, non-judgmental, encouraging and challenging coach. Her listening skills and curious questions allowed me to go inward and realize what I really wanted, and to take the risk to work towards my dream.
Nilda helped me validate the skills that I have that will propel my dream. She invited me to search my soul and find what is really important for me, that makes me happy and complete, and to go for it.

I truly encourage you to work with Nilda as a Coach; you will find a person that walk besides you in a committed, dynamic and honest coach-client relationship. I thank her for helping me to discover again my strengths and my dreams.

Ms. T

Ms. G

The worse feeling is when you’re trying to get dressed…and nothing fits; when you’re looking yourself in the mirror and see someone else…someone you don’t love.  My biggest battle was letting my emotions take over my appetite.

In December of 2012, I first started this journey skeptical of the unexpected. I knew I was at an unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a change for my life. When I joined the T.E.E Coaching 90 Day Challenge and met Ms. Carrasquillo, my coach,I did not know how much she would change my life, but from the start of our conversation I could see how excited she was about her coaching and her passion for it was exuberant. From day one “Tee” helped to guide me and educate me on my fitness journey, equipping me with mental toughness to push myself to reach my goals and even exceed them.

T.E.E Coaching allowed me to break my bad habits and create good habits. It allowed me to learn to remove the negativity around me, and surround myself with positive energy. It made me understand the meaning of a better lifestyle. It takes small steps to reach to the top and that’s exactly how this process was for me. One day at time; one meal at a time, one workout at a time…

I was never on a diet, and I won’t ever be on a diet. I have my changed my lifestyle for the better: to be confident, to feel beautiful, to love myself and find that girl that was always hidden in her shell.

Thank You T.E.E Coaching!

Ms. G